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The Magic of Christmas!

Posted by John Ryan on Sunday, December 27, 2015, In : Meandering Discourse 

Or how magic is it, really? The story of Christmas is omnipresent and enchanting, regardless of creed. For some it's sacrosanct, for others, symbolic. The experience of Christmas is a different story - both paradoxical and multifaceted. 

May your experience be a joyful one! And remember:  
  • Be grateful for your health, family and friends
  • Be thankful for a home that shelters and protects you
  • Be mindful of those who struggle to survive 
  • Spare a thought for the weak, the lost and the forgotten 
  • And for...

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Reflections on Home

Posted by JP Ryan on Sunday, December 30, 2012, In : The Origin of Songs 

My home was more than just a house. Bricks and mortar can define a house, but 'home' has a far greater resonance. As a family we dwelled together and as a family unit, we tried to protect our own. We guarded our own space and we tried to live and love together as we faced the common challenges and struggles that came with family life. At times, we welcomed our neighbours and sometimes we welcomed strangers. While our house was built to protect; our home was built to grow.

Of course, our ho...

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JP Ryan JP Ryan is an Irish artist in the genre of Folk and Adult Contemporary Music. As an arts graduate with an MA in Art Therapy, he has used music and art in a therapeutic capacity, in many areas of the Health Service, with many years of experience as a registered art therapist. As a recording artist, JP has opened for some major acts and toured his own music, described as evocative, literate and lyrical. In addition to having music published, he has also had poetry published and his other hobbies include reading, writing, and strength and fitness training. In a sporting capacity he is an Irish, European and World Champion Powerlifter.